What Is Airless Dispenser A

What Is Airless Dispenser

What Is Airless Dispenser

The airless dispenser consists of a pump head, a container, and a piston.

An airless dispenser does not have a hose that sucks in the product and lets air into the product.

The biggest difference is that the special design of the airless dispenser means that air cannot come into contact with the product.

The term “airless” comes from this system,

which does not require air to be drawn in for pumping and air to come into contact with the product itself.

With airless bottles, the product is sucked up from the top of the bottle

and because it is constantly moving closer to the dispensing spout,

waste is kept to a minimum and accurate doses of product can be administered with every use.

Whether the airless pump bottles are on one side, face-up, or upside down,

the dispenser’s vacuum action allows the product to pump smoothly.

We use “airless pump technology” which uses a product elevator at the bottom of the bottle to gently push the product up with each pump.


When the pump is pressed down, the disk inside the bottle rises, pushing the product up and out.

Instead of the pump drawing air from a nozzle located at the top of the pump, it returns to the container where the product is located.

Each time the content is pumped, a tiny opening at the bottom provides enough air pressure to move the product up, ready for the next pump.

This tiny hole does not pose a threat to the product inside, so there will be no leakage or leakage from the bottom of the bottle.

Then tighten the vacuum pump to ensure a vacuum seal and allow the vacuum bottle to retain the product inside.

In contrast, this airless bottle pump allows you to dispense the contents without removing the cap after the contents are used up.

Unlike conventional dispensers that use a tube or straw to pump product,

the airless pump bottle uses a vacuum mechanism.

Airless packaging, whether bottles, cans, or tubes Airless packaging often includes an airless pump dispensing system

that offers the advantages of ease of use and precise metering.

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