The Difference Between Foam Pump And Lotion Pump C

The Difference Between Foam Pump And Lotion Pump


The Difference Between Foam Pump And Lotion Pump

One of the main reasons for the increasing use of foam pumps in various industries is the non-aerosol way to distribute various liquids in the environment.

Dispense pumps consist of pistons, pump chambers, pump heads, and rings and can be designed to provide multiple fluid outlets for a single user application.

Some spray pumps can be used to spray heavy liquids such as sunscreen.

Cream pumps can be used in face or body creams, tanning lotions, hand creams, hair care products, and oil reduction or oil solutions.

Lotion pumps are mainly used in soaps, hand creams, antibacterial foams, body lotions, bath foams, and hair products.

When used as intended, the pump dispenses the correct amount of product from time to time.

If the pump has a larger chamber (usually for high capacity pumps), the pump may need to be primed before the product is delivered through the drive.

By pressing the actuator and dispensing the product into the container, a small vacuum is created inside the chamber.

When the consumers press the actuator again, the product inside is sucked out of the chamber

through the stem and actuator and pours out of the pump into the user’s hand.

Foam pumps are widely used to dispense cosmetic and household chemicals such as mousse cleaning foam,

hand soap, hand soap, facial cleanser, shaving cream, hair mousse, sunscreen foam, stain remover, baby products, etc.

Foam dispensers are typically less frequent refills than lotion soaps,

and manufacturers can produce less soap to sell with the foam,

reducing shipping emissions and packaging for distribution. and the economics of foam soap.

Industry research has shown that lathering hand sanitizer can lather without getting your hands wet,

while water is only used to rinse off the soap, which can reduce the amount of water you use when washing your hands by up to 45%.

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