Nasal spray pump 2

Nasal spray pump

Nasal spray pump In the early days of swaging pumps—fifty years ago or more—the swaged part of a pump could look ugly.

Luxury goods dealers often put a collar on the pleated area of ​​the pump so that it is not even visible.

The word crimp refers to the undulating effect used by locksmiths to reduce available metal.

You can only push so much metal into yourself before it becomes very hard and thick;

So the crimp effect is another way to reduce the amount of metal available, especially with steel caps such as beer bottle caps.

Indentations can also be found on cosmetic spray caps, where the metal is pushed inwards, where it needs to be pushed in or swung around.

The use of aluminum makes work easier and the finished product looks cleaner and smoother.

There are several ways to form an aluminum cap under the cap of a vial or container.

Your bottles and caps must be of the same finish in order to achieve proper closure.


Common sizes for perfume bottles that use a crimp or snap cap include 13mm, 17mm, 18mm, and 20mm.

Common sizes of crimp guns include 13mm, 15mm, 18mm,

and 20mm crimp covers and can be supplied with or without actuators.

The spray mechanism pushes a small amount of liquid over a large area,

helping to distribute the contents of the sprayed liquid.

The pump is inserted into the neck of the bottle and then crimped by the machine around the lip of the bottleneck.

All claims must be submitted within 7 working days after the container has been unloaded.

After negotiations, if we can accept the claim based on the samples or images you provided, we will finally refund all your losses in full.

Jiangyin Meiyi Packaging Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to product innovation,

and constantly develops new designs and explores new applications to meet the needs of global customers.

With the advent of the global economy, we look to the world, keep improving, and provide glass products that meet the needs of various customers.

Strong research and development capabilities, excellent product quality, good social reputation,

and careful internal management make us a leader in the field of aluminum pressure neck external spray pumps.

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