Dispensing Caps And Closures 1

Dispensing Caps And Closures

Dispensing Caps And Closures

Plastic Dispensing offers a wide range of dispensing caps including disc caps,

spout caps, glass droppers, and spiral caps. Our measuring cups are available in a variety of styles to suit any packaging need.

Spout lids are available in natural color with polypropylene construction.

Safe and smooth lids are available in white with a polypropylene structure.

Thorough testing is recommended to ensure these plastic dispenser caps work with your particular product.

Typically, dispensing caps are suitable for products that are typically used in metered quantities,

while non-dispensing caps are best for more viscous beverages or liquids.

Depending on the viscosity of the liquid or certain types of dry ingredients, different dispenser caps are suitable for different products.

These lids are available with a variety of neck sizes to ensure a snug fit, as well as a variety of hole sizes to suit product and container size.


These caps act as plastic bottle caps for products such as liquid condiments that are difficult to control when filling.

This dispenser cap is widely used on adhesive containers and is ideal for dispensing viscous products such as lotions and seasonings.

This type of dispensing cap has a flip-top “hole” to prevent leakage.

The top cap of the disc is an injection-molded dispensing cap that opens a hole when pressure is added to the top of the bottle cap.

The cellulose backing remains inside the cap after removing the aluminum spacer.

When the lid is removed, the pressure-sensitive gasket remains on top of the container.

The pressure-sensitive liners are then attached to the bottle or jar and remain in place when the cap is removed.

When the lid is attached to the container, the adhesive pouches are torn between the lid and the lid of the bottle or jar.

The inserts come with a friction fit in the closures and adhere to the surface of the bottle when the closure is applied.

These liners are applied to the container using an induction welding machine.

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