Lotion pump, how does a work?

How does a lotion pump work?

The lotion pump is ideal for hand sanitizer, gel cream, and other similar products;

each pump has a capacity of 1.0CC or 2.0CC; simply push 3-4 times to discharge the liquid; swivel left and right to open or close the pump head.

Using travel pump head products is convenient and worry-free because they are easy to use, have a sealed design, and are leak-proof.

How does it work? Pump for lotion
1. Indenter – the indenter is connected to the auxiliary column by a compression spring that goes through the main column.

The piston wall scrapes against the body through the inner wall during the spring compression process, pushing the piston to open the sub-vent column’s hole;

when the piston slides down, the air in the body is expelled through the sub-open column’s vent hole.

2. Press numerous times back and forth, totally pressing the air in the body;

3. Inhalation – air is expelled from the machine head via the main column, auxiliary column, piston, and combined compression spring.Due to pressure loss, the head spring has become slack.

The rear (upper) movable piston is also moving downward due to the frictional force of the body wall, and the discharge hole of the sub-column is closed;

the liquid storage chamber in the body is in a vacuum suction state, the glass ball is sucked up, and the inside of the bottle is sucked up at this time. Through the straw, the liquid is drawn into the body’s liquid storage chamber.

4. Liquid storage – push the head numerous times and suck the liquid into the body until it is completely absorbed.

5. Drainage – When the liquid in the bodily fluid storage chamber is full, squeeze the nozzle again to eject the liquid via the drain hole directly from the nozzle.

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