What Should We Pay Attention To When Spraying Perfume Spray 2

What Should We Pay Attention To When Spraying Perfume Spray

What Should We Pay Attention To When Spraying Perfume Spray

Chances are you’re generating more heat at your pulse points,

which can enhance your scent and intensify your scent.

Heat is applied to the pulse points, making them excellent points for applying scents.

While applying perfume to the points on the wrist may have made sense with the first few iterations of fragrances,

there is no real science that spraying on the neck and wrist will enhance the fragrance.

Many people spray their perfume on one wrist and rub it on the other, but this can actually contribute to their early demise.

This is just one of the countless mistakes people make when applying perfume,

as it can change the smell of your fragrance and affect its longevity.


Just because your scent doesn’t last all day doesn’t mean it’s bad; even the most expensive perfumes tend to be short-lived unless you spray them in the right places.

If you find that your fragrances dissolve too quickly, choose a branded perfume with stronger base notes to ensure your perfume lasts all day.

Fragrances last longer when applied to damp, well-moisturized skin, so make sure your skin is prepped and hydrated before you soak up the fragrance.

Generally, spray products have higher notes, while fragrances and roll-on lotions last longer but are less intense.

It’s true that a higher concentration in oil-based fragrances often makes them stronger and richer,

but alcohol-based perfumes are less likely to leave a sillage or trail. Fragrances labeled “perfume” have the highest concentration of fragrance,

followed by Eau de parfum and finally eau de toilette, the lightest variety, explains Laura Slatkin, founder of NEST New York.

If your perfume brand offers shampoo and moisturizer, or you can find neutral or subtle fragrances, use them.

Diffuse the stronger fragrance first and then add the lighter fragrance so that the first fragrance doesn’t overpower the second.

Diffuse several scented wipes with different oils and scents and sniff at the same time to see if they complement each other.

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