What Is Anodized Process C

What Is Anodized Process C

What Is Anodized Process

The cathode is mounted inside the anodizing tank and the aluminum acts as the anode.

Anodizing is a porous structure that grows out of the base aluminum and absorbs color dye very well.

Anodizing is an electrolytic process for producing thick oxide coatings, usually on aluminum and its alloys.

Chromic acid anodizing (Type I) produces the thinnest oxide coating, typically 0.00002″-0.0001″ thick.

Although thin, properly sealed chromium anodization provides aluminum with the same corrosion protection as sulfur anodization with a thicker hard coat.

A piece of anodized aluminum can still have limited conductivity when in contact because the oxide layer is very thin,

but the conductivity is much lower than untreated aluminum.

Anodized aluminum has a thicker passivation layer than naturally passivated aluminum,

which means it is more resistant to degradation and subsequent corrosion.

Aluminum surfaces anodized in an electrolytic cell produce a thicker oxide layer,

resulting in better corrosion and wear resistance. The combination of the aluminum surface and negative ions forms a barrier layer,

called a surface layer during anodization, which makes the part resistant to corrosion.

Hard anodizing, sometimes referred to as Type III,

provides enhanced corrosion protection and durability under extreme conditions or

when moving mechanical parts are subject to high friction.

The anodizing process is commonly used for a wide variety of applications, producing parts you regularly find on aircraft,

consumer products, sports equipment, and electronics, to name but a few.

While the anodizing process can also be applied to other metals such as titanium, zinc, and magnesium,

aluminum is by far the most widely used of the other metals such as titanium. According to the AAC,

anodizing is achieved by immersing aluminum in a bath of acidic electrolyte and passing an electric current through the medium.

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