What Is Airless Dispenser C

What Is Airless Dispenser

What Is Airless Dispenser

Traditional pump bottles create air pockets that make it difficult for users to reach the product.

Traditional pump bottles draw product through a tube that creates an air gap at the top through which product residue is exposed to oxygen.

With a traditional pump dispenser bottle, as the contents of the bottle are used up,

the bottle tube is no longer able to pull the product towards the pump. If the pump stops pumping,

it is not recommended to remove the pump from the vial as this will allow air to enter the vial and affect the effectiveness of the product over time.

This will introduce air into the bottle, which can compromise the purity and potency of the products over time.

Conventional dispensing pumps allow air to return to the bottle after dispensing.

No dip tube required Lightweight bottle and pump Up to 15% longer shelf life (no excessive exposure to air) Vacuum dispensing effect extracts product,

creating less waste Luxurious packaging solution Can be recycled in one container

The contents of the liquid do not come into contact with metal springs,

which can cause oxidation problems. No backflow problems,

which solves the airflow back into the bottle after pumping.

An airless pump dispenser is a capped dispenser commonly used in the cosmetics industry to protect spoiled products from exposure to oxygen.

These airless pumps are equipped with an automatic air lock that prevents the skin care product from unnecessary contact with air and contaminants,

thereby reducing product contamination. In the standard lotion pump, well-established for cosmetic products,

as you may also know from the standard lotion pump soap dispensers, a vacuum is created by pressing the pump,

which is then pulled up again by a spring.

Other types of airless systems use a plastic bag inside the bottle or can to hold the product inside,

making it completely airtight.

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