Use Of Card Sprayer Credit Card Sprayer Pocket Sprayer A

Use Of Card Sprayer Credit Card Sprayer Pocket Sprayer A

What is the credit card flat bottom plastic pocket sprayer factory for?

Lotion, cream, and other uses. To make it convenient for you to carry disinfectant or denatured alcohol with you,

we recommend bringing bottles of Grand Parfums credit card spray.

If you do, you will always want to have hand sanitizer or disinfectant alcohol with you to keep yourself clean.

Washing our hands and using disinfectants is our first line of defense against germs.

Today, there is a great demand for hand sanitizers and hand sanitizer sprays.

That’s why hand sanitizers are a timely and highly practical promotional gift for your customers.

It’s also a great way to sanitize your hands after touching bathroom doors, bus handles, bills, and other surfaces that harbor germs.

Yes, credit card hand sanitizer offers a variety of personalization methods such as stickers, labels, etc.

You can choose from lamination or UV varnish for water resistance and labels.

The special spray bottle is the size and shape of a credit card, so it encourages people to sanitize their hands on the go when soap and water are not available.

The color is blue and the appearance is a credit card shape, which the bottle can use for perfume, personal care products, cosmetic samples, and so on.

The crystal perfume bottle uses a variety of colorful crystal materials to intersect, further reflecting the sophistication of the crystal.

This perfume bottle is suitable for incense in rooms, living rooms, and cars.

The spray bottle made of polypropylene can also be reused and refilled for future use.

By the way, you can refill it by removing the silicone cap and then opening the spray section.

I used a regular set of pliers and another set of long nose pliers to remove the atomizer so it could be refilled.

I’m happy with 6 units, but I had to sacrifice one to learn how to get the atomizer out of the bottle.

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