Treatment pumps where to use

Where are treatment pumps used

This is why treatment pumps are so widely used in the cosmetics industry. They have the ability to create a tight seal in order to prevent active ingredients in products from oxidizing.

There are many key differences between lotion pumps and therapy pumps.

Lotion pumps will often have larger containers, while therapy pumps will have tighter seals.

The purpose of the product in each pump will also be different. Lotion pumps are mainly used for soaps, hand creams,

antibacterial foams, body lotions, bath foams and hair products.

The pumps used in sprayers and containers are called piston pumps, and they are positive displacement pumps.

This means that they move fluid in one direction. A positive displacement pump moves the fluid in one direction by pushing it,

which is why they are also called plunger pumps.

Dispensing pumps also have many options designed to handle different bottles or requirements,

each with its own set of features and benefits.

Many manufacturers have multiple outlet options for each of their lotion pump offerings,

giving marketers complete control over overdosage.

When used as intended, the pumps dispense the correct amount of product from time to time.

treatment pumps used

When used incorrectly, however, you run the risk of overdosing.

Although there are hundreds of different designs on the market today,

the basic principle is the same and Crash Course on Packaging has taken apart one of these lotions pumps to give you

an idea of these components and how they affect the overall functionality of the produced pump.

This design, when taken apart, consists of several components,

which all serve a specific purpose and together make this pump function properly.

The first piece is the plastic container, which is molded to contain the lotion.

The second piece is the pump head. The third piece is the actuator, which is the piece that pushes the lotion out of the pump.

The fourth piece is the spring, which is what allows the actuator to push the lotion out of the pump.

The fifth and final piece is the cap, which is what keeps the lotion inside of the container.

When all of these pieces are put together, they form the overall design of the lotion pump. from the bottle to your hand.

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