The Quality Of Trigger Spray A

The Quality Of  Trigger Spray Is Judged By What Aspects.

Sprayer parameters evaluated and discussed in this data sheet include sprayer flow rate,

recommended settling rate, spray droplet size distribution (DSD), and spray electrostatic charge.

Dosage or amount of product applied with one spray is also important to consider when choosing a sprayer.

Spray droplet size can have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the applied chemical,

so choosing the right type of tip to control spray droplet size is an important management decision.

Oils form as droplets smaller than water when sprayed with the same hydraulic nozzle and spray pressure.

As the size of the sprayed droplets decreases, their number increases, and the drift potential also increases.

Typically, low drift nozzles produce atomized droplets ranging from medium to extremely coarse,

while reducing the amount of fine droplets that can be produced. Drift potential can be reduced by increasing droplet size,

using large bore nozzles, and/or lower spray pressure with higher flow nozzles.

Using different droplet size adjustment nozzles had no effect on the VMD for the PX300ES backpack sprayer.

The VMD of most nebulizers tended to decrease with increasing spray distance,

presumably due to larger droplets falling before they reached the droplet-sized instrument’s light path.

In each test, the spray nozzle was located at the same height as the center of the can.

Each sprayer was evaluated using three repetitive bins (i.e. each bin was sprayed separately).

This comparison also included two VOC sprays (paint spray and glass cleaner spray).

Model predictions were validated based on measured air concentrations from 10 different professional sprays.

Nine studies were evaluated for ART (see Table S3), comparing scores with measured data,

including spraying actions. Published evaluation studies evaluating exposure when sprayed in the workplace or when used by consumers are listed below.

Although not shown here, the quality deposition results were the same for all nebulizers and nebulizers evaluated for dustbin spraying, with some minor differences.


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