Structure And Application Of Emulsion Pump Lotion Pump A

Structure And Application Of Emulsion Pump Lotion Pump

The lotion pump acts much like an air suction device that sucks the product from the bottle into the user’s hand,

despite the fact that the law of gravity tells them to do otherwise.

The multi-functional lotion pump can have a very simple structure,

a minimum number of parts, and a very low production cost.

In order to overcome the above disadvantages,

it is an object of the present invention to provide a lotion pump that has a simple structure, fewer parts, reduced cost, and better sealing ability.

The present invention has a simple structure and low cost,

liquid loss can be prevented both in the closed and open state of the curved mouth 6 and the closing portion 8,

contamination of the lotion can be prevented, hygiene is guaranteed,

and the invention is suitable for disclosure.

The present invention aims to eliminate the above defects and to provide a lotion pump that is simple in structure,

low in cost, and able to prevent the bent neck (also referred to as knee) from being accidentally unscrewed during transport.

The object of the invention is to overcome the weakness of the prior art,

to provide a simple type of structure, easy to use, easy to assemble,

making a mold for mounting the design of Optimization type emulsion pumps easily.

Structure And Application Of Emulsion Pump Lotion Pump

The structure of the four emulsion pumps of the present invention is original,

and the structure is simple and convenient to use.

Second, in the invention, the return spring can be located between the permanent seat and the clamp cover,

can also be installed on the pump rod and in the pump shoulder control time,

can wear the external spring or the built-in spring of the product,

according to different groups of customer requirements; Easy to use.

Third, the inhalation in the process of assembling the plug of the invention,

so that it can be assembled after the two-piece package together with the pump stem has been assembled into a permanent seat internal organ package,

return spring, cap tightening; Easy and convenient assembly, high efficiency.

In the multifunctional lotion pump, sealing the nozzle when the nozzle head is blocked is achieved by pressing a spring of different diameters on the ball of the lower one-way valve.

When the nozzle head 2 moves up, the upper one-way valve closes and the lower one-way valve opens, the lotion in the vial is sucked into the pump cavity through the suction tube 11.

body cover and container cover are combined with each other, it is impossible to use the above method to adjust the nozzle direction.

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