Plastic Packaging In All Aspects Of Life 3

Application Of Plastic Packaging In All Aspects Of Life

Plastic Packaging In All Aspects Of Life

Plastic film manufacturers, meanwhile, are working hard to develop single-material packaging solutions

(such as all-PE) that are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle and can replace today’s multi-material flexible plastic packaging

that cannot be recycled using modern technologies.

technology. Resin manufacturers develop polymers based on raw materials obtained from the chemical processing of plastic waste;

these feedstocks can replace oil and gas-based feedstocks in the production of plastic substrates used for packaging materials,

and final packaging products can be labeled as made from “recycled” plastics. We are developing new ways of working,

including the chemical recycling of plastics that are harder to recycle, such as multilayer and flexible packaging.

By converting waste into raw materials, materials can continue to be used and the need for virgin plastics is reduced.

These processes result in materials being burned rather than being returned to the economy as new plastics or materials.


The recycling process can be mechanical (the most common type today is the use of physical methods to separate and

recycle plastics without changing the composition of the material,

thus preserving the polymeric structure of the plastic) or chemical (any recycling method that chemically breaks down plastics).

Its main composition is polymer structures in elements (monomers), which can then be recreated in new materials).

At the same time, with sufficient separation and cleaning, many plastics commonly used in durable products,

such as ABS and polycarbonate, can have a higher market value than recycled packaging materials.

Conservation of material The advantage of plastic is its high strength-to-weight ratio,

which allows the use of a minimum amount of materials (and lower cost) in packaging design (b illustrating the use of plastic and glass packaging for the same product).

Saving energy The use of plastics in buildings for transportation and even packaging invariably results in very significant savings in fossil fuels and energy.

Weave has set ambitious goals to reduce the total amount of virgin plastic we use,

increase our use of recycled plastic, and use only reusable, recyclable, or compostable plastic packaging.

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