Plastic Packaging In All Aspects Of Life 1

Application Of Plastic Packaging In All Aspects Of Life

Plastic Packaging In All Aspects Of Life

Plastic packaging helps significantly extend the shelf life of fresh food and beverages

and enables us to serve more food with less packaging material, reducing food and packaging waste.

Plastic food packaging allows you to store fresh food and other products safely and on time through temperature

and atmosphere control within the packaging (using gas packaging and oxygen utilization technology).

Given the versatility of packaging, plastics are expected to continue to be used for a variety of purposes,

so the best approach is to develop a plastic system that is efficient and does not waste or pollute the environment.

Unfortunately, plastic packaging is less than six months old before being thrown away, and most are not recycled or incinerated.

In theory, most thermoplastics used in packaging are highly recyclable,

while the short shelf life and bulk of single-use plastic packaging make the value recovery of its material attractive.


In this regard, the replacement of conventional plastics for packaging with biodegradable plastics is an interesting case.

You can consider switching to alternative materials or eliminating plastic packaging entirely,

but there will always be an impact on the longevity of the packaging and the system it belongs to.

Sometimes, completely rethinking how we design and package products are the best way to reduce plastic usage.

The relative advantages and disadvantages of dematerialization, replacement, reuse, material recycling,

waste-to-energy, and transformation technologies must be carefully considered in order to

develop the best solutions to the environmental problems associated with the huge and sustained global growth in the production and use. of plastic.

We need to understand the full range of impacts of plastics,

plastic waste management and recycling, plastics policies and regulations in order to initiate a transition to non-fossil fuel-based plastics,

and plastics behavior change programs. While much of this effort may have rightly been focused on single-use packaging,

here we acknowledge that plastics are widely used in almost every industry,

requiring a comprehensive set of solutions that address the industry’s unique challenges while providing coordination and synergy.


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