Plastic Closures For Bottles And Jars 2

Plastic Closures For Bottles And Jars

Plastic Closures For Bottles And Jars

Dispenser caps are a type of cap with a hole that allows the product to be dispensed without removing the cap.

Shrink bottle caps can include shrink wrap or hole reducers.

Options include filling caps, which are often used for oils,

measuring and pouring caps, and caps for beer bottles.

Popular options include plastic spray bottles, plastic pump-dispenser bottles,

and snap-top plastic bottles. If you don’t find a product that meets your needs,

please let Feldman Industries know and we’ll match the bottle to your unique needs.

Our containers are available in HDPE, LDPE, PVS, PP, and PET;

let us know if we can help you choose the right type of plastic for your products, bottles, and jars.

Drug Plastics makes bottles and caps that work together to provide the right solution for your packaging needs.

We offer a wide selection of CR latches available in a variety of styles and features, from traditional push-and-turn systems to snap-on lids and more.

Drug Plastics offers a variety of closures that can be used by people who may have trouble opening traditional closure systems.

We offer the best packaging solutions – whether you need custom pill vials, dietary supplement containers, or plastic cannabis bottles,

we’ll work with you to create a unique packaging that meets your needs. Ribbed or smooth caps, flat or raised caps, and pharmaceutical,

and cosmetic packaging provide the perfect cap or closure for your bottles, jars, or jars.

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