How To Choose Child Resistant Closures 2

How To Choose Child Resistant Closures

How To Choose Child Resistant Closures

In the event of an incident, CPSC will require the product supplier to provide documentation

that the product suppliers maintain proper manufacturing and packaging processes.

For example, the seller of the product will be required to show test results

for child-resistant packaging from the closure manufacturer and/or distributor.

Please note that the closure manufacturer cannot control compliance after the product has been filled and capped.

Also, just because the closure manufacturer has passed the protocol test,

the package may not meet the requirements when it reaches the end-user.

The product supplier can be confident that the product supplier’s lids are compliant

and will remain so as long as they follow the packaging procedures correctly.

This way you can protect end-users when they buy caps, bottles, and packaging products.


Both the CPSC and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require this packaging to be used with certain products.

The packer is responsible for selecting the appropriate CRPs for the substance to be packaged and for the intended use.

Packages are designated as CRP strictly on the basis of data provided by the manufacturers and are included here with the permission of these manufacturers.

This guide provides an overview of special packaging not accessible to children and age groups (called CRP for simplicity):

what types are available and which companies produce and test CRP.

CPSC has years of experience in helping our customers find the best child-resistant lids for their products.

Drug Plastics works with prescription drug manufacturers on a daily basis to define, design, and manufacture the right packaging for their products.

Drug Plastics’ commitment to safe and innovative packaging design ensures that your product is safe and child-proof while remaining easy to use for adults.

The packaging must be designed in such a way that it can be opened by the elderly, while it must be resistant to children.

The Food and Drug Administration then reviews the criteria for packaging materials, product stability,

and closure design to determine if it meets manufactured standards for child-resistant packaging.

The regulation defines which requirements are valid for CR packaging and which tests must be carried out.

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