How Can Plastic Packaging Be More Environmentally Friendly 1

How Can Plastic Packaging Be More Environmentally Friendly

How Can Plastic Packaging Be More Environmentally Friendly

Due to the impact of non-degradable plastic packaging on the environment and human health,

many people are struggling to drastically reduce plastic production and increase recycling,

as well as promote more sustainable food packaging. In recent years, efforts have been made to promote more sustainable plastic-based flexible packaging.

This development will increase the use of recycled materials in a large amount of flexible packaging used today for food products.

Paper or plastic is the most stable substrate for flexible packaging, depending on the application.

Therefore, the use of paper as a substrate for flexible packaging has some environmental benefits as long as it does not increase food waste and/or compromise other important properties of the packaged product.

Paper-based flexible packaging is often plastic/aluminum laminated or resin-coated making it unrecyclable.

If the packaging contains materials such as plastic film or other fragile plastics,

there is a high probability that materials such as plastic film cannot be recycled on the sidewalk.

Plastic packaging can be recycled, but it is currently difficult to reach the high levels of post-consumer recycled plastic due to post-consumer waste pollution.

For plastics to be considered sustainable, the raw materials must be extracted using clean methods.

Organic packaging can generally be recycled or composted. Paper packaging is highly recyclable and can even be composted (especially a good option if your city has a composting program).

Paper. Paper is a great packaging option as it is recyclable, recyclable, biodegradable, and can be used for any purpose.

Glass is a reusable, recyclable, and durable material that is easy to clean and can also be used as portable food packaging.

Cellulose packaging is biodegradable and compostable, making it a reliable alternative to plastic. If it’s made from recycled products, your packaging’s carbon footprint will be significantly reduced.

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