Fine Mist Sprayer Pumps 1

Fine Mist Sprayer Pumps

Fine Mist Sprayer Pumps From raw materials to finished products,

each hand sanitizer perfume mist spray bottle has gone through rigorous testing for safety and efficacy.

The fine mist sprayer is ideal for spraying hairspray, sunscreen, air freshener, and other liquid beauty products.

These fine mist pumps have a more controlled spray pattern for better product application.

They also have a lower actuation force, which means they are easier to operate with the fingers of customers than any other fingertip fine mist pump.

Comfortable in the hand, yet built to last, our trigger spray pumps allow you to adjust your spray pattern from mist to high flow.

In addition to a range of standard trigger sprayers, Kaufman Container can also supply mini trigger sprayers.

Trigger mini sprayers have the sleek, high-quality look you want for products including hair care products, household cleaners, and room sprays.

If the standard dip tube length on a trigger head, atomizer, or lotion pump doesn’t match the plastic bottle you choose, Cambrian Packaging offers a trimming service.


Unlike the thicker dip tube of a lotion pump, the dip tube is thinner and often slightly curved to allow it to reach the bottom and dispense the entire contents of the product.

This cap is what you press down to dispense the product, which, unlike a lotion pump drive,

has the internals to create a specific spray pattern of the product.

The product is dosed through the opening of the liner while the pump is running.

The pump must operate with the new fluid composition to be dosed.

When you press down on the atomizer or pump head,

this small space inside the chamber is compressed. When you let go of the atomizer or pump head,

that chamber needs something to fill (don’t forget our friendly scientist Aristotle!).

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