Dispensing Pumps High Output 2

Dispensing Pumps High Output

Dispensing Pumps High Output Dosing pumps dispense precise volumes of liquid over a predetermined time interval.

The main advantage of this system is that the volume of liquid to be dosed is independent of the peristaltic pump piping

or the number of revolutions of the roller (peristaltic pump) required to deliver the liquid.

The traditional dosing system using a peristaltic pump suffers from the problem of gradual deterioration of tubing elasticity over time.

The gradual decrease in volume supplied by one pump casing is a known problem of deterioration of the elasticity of pipes over time,

which can only be solved by replacing the pipes. Thanks to the new design of the dosing module,

the dosing capacity is independent of the pump, which solves this problem.

Cost savings with the new system In theory, since the new dosing system is not based on a pump, any pump can be used to achieve similar performance,

thereby reducing costs. With our new VIT-FIT syringe pump, we have tried to solve exactly this problem.


Without a tamper-proof pump and vial, the product you send to customers can be tampered with and tampered with.

This high-dose dosing pump is a blocking pump, which means that pushing and turning the pump will block it.

This high-performance lotion pump has a 4ml output, which means you get a consistent 4ml product output every time you press the pump actuator.

This dispenser comes complete with a remote switch, flow meter, pump, and mounting hardware.

The PIUSI CARRY 3000 pump is equipped with a sturdy handle for easy transport and is complete with a pressure hose, power cables, and pressure tube.

PIUSI BIPUMP is a diesel transfer pump, available in 12V and 24V versions, designed to meet the needs of those who are looking for a durable,

reliable pump with high performance applicable in various sectors. Dual-action pumps distribute material in both directions for high power and continuous flow.

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